Down with plastic!

Did you know that all the plastic ever created still exists today? A lot of it ends up at sea, wreaking havoc in many of the world's oceanic habitats.

That's why, here at dzynwrld, we donate 50% of all proceeds from the sales of our tote bags to the Environmental Defense Fund. We believe strongly that eliminating the use of plastic shopping bags and water bottles will go a long way towards cleaning up our oceans and environment.

This video offers more insight and tips as to how to turn around this grim reality. Check it out and then begin changing your ways.

- jb


Mid-century 'Dexter' opening credits

Based on his awesome series of posters for the super clever Showtime series "Dexter", graphic designer Ty Mattson teamed up with some friends at Fashion Buddha to create his own alternative opening credits for the show. The mid-century vibe and Saul Bass inspired look is a natural for the show and it's macabre subject matter and dark humor.

– jb


dzynwrld iPhone 4 cases

Our first batch of custom-made iPhone 4 cases from Case-Mate have finally made their way into the shop and were featured last month at both trendhunter.com and materialicious.com. This first set consists of four colorful designs, two by yours truly, and one each by accomplished designers Matt W. Moore and Antonia Manda. Pictured above from the left are modulicious 1, takahashi, shapesandsizes 2, and flower power.

The next set of designs are in the works now and we are aiming to have them finished in the next few weeks, just in time for the launch of the iPhone 5.

– jb


I.D. magazine returns... sort of.

If you're a fan of modern design in general, and specifically industrial or product design, you'll be glad to hear that I.D. Magazine has been revived as an online gallery. Behance.net, the world's leading online platform for the creative professional community has teamed with the mag's former publisher F+W Media (also owners of Print and HOW magazines) to reboot the I.D. brand as a curated gallery of some of the latest and greatest industrial and product design from around the world.

I.D. Magazine was America’s premier magazine about contemporary product design and material culture from 1954 through 2009 and it's great to have them back.

– jb


Charles Eames

Last Friday, June 17th was the birthday of one of design's real legends, Charles Eames. Happy Belated Charles, and thanks for the amazing legacy you left for us all to enjoy to this day.

– jb


Airside on Gestalten.tv

Pioneering London-based multimedia design agency Airside have firmly stayed on the top of the game for more than ten years now–having among others created campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, Greenpeace, MTV, Panasonic and Sony, plus visual identities and web design for the Serpentine Gallery, White Cube and the Pet Shop Boys. Via Gestalten.tv


Timing is everything...

Even as most of us now keep our days on schedule by checking the time on our cell-phones, the clock on the wall or on our desk can still go a long way towards adding some definite style and personality to our surroundings.

Thanks to a much-appreciated write-up in the ApartmentTherapy Marketplace last month, we've been getting some nice attention paid to our latest wall and desk clock designs. Our mid-century inspired Haywire, Modulicious, and Flower Power lines are available in both the 14" wall clock or 3 1/2" mini desk clock and will help keep time on your side!

– jb


Little Giants invade dzynwrld store!

We're just loving these little giants of history designed by Alphie Northcote and produced by Jailbreak Collective! The Artists Collection includes avant-garde pop artist Andy Warhol (complete with Campbell's soup can), king of surrealism Salvador Dali, passionate but tortured Vincent van Gogh, and last but not least, the Spanish creative powerhouse Pablo Picasso.

The Revolutionaries Collection includes India's passive-resistance guru Mahatma Ghandi, Argentine Marxist Che Guevara, African-American Muslim activist Malcolm X, and Communist China's authoritarian leader Mao Zedong.

Each of these vinyl figures is approximately 3" tall and has no moving parts. Set of 4 figures comes in a window display box with original artwork and biographical notes for each artist or revolutionary.

Check them out at the dzynwrld store and use that tax refund to shake up your world a little...

– jb


Herman Miller blocks

Leave it to House Industries to come up with yet another cool toy that the designer-kid in me feels like he needs to have. The set includes eight basswood children’s blocks dressed in House Industries numbers, shapes and patterns with puzzle sides based on the original Herman Miller furniture box used for deliveries. The entire “box” set is packaged in a miniature corrugated shipping carton with appropriately-sized brown kraft packing tape. Fortunately for my budget the set is available only at the Herman Miller showroom in Tokyo... whew.

– jb


Stella Artois goes mid-century mod

There are some newer TV ads out these days for Stella Artois but imho none better than this one that came out a few months ago. Love all the awesome little gadgets & the dueling fishtanks. Directed by king-of-quirk Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola.

– jb